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Character Actor
EU President Rupert Thornley Malcolm McDowell
Commander Hill Ric Flair
Brenda Snow Holly Valance
Takara Jamie Chung
Kelly Weaver Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Lt. Eva McKenna Gemma Atkinson
Dasha Fedorovich Ivana Milicevic
Izumi Julia Ling
Yuriko Omega  


Gamespot 1/27/09
Exclusive to the PC "for now," according to EA Los Angeles senior producer Amer Ajami, the add-on will be available for download on the PC on March 12 for $19.99. In Uprising, McDowell will play as Rupert Thornley, the president of the European Union and current leader of Western Allies fighting the Soviets and Japanese. McDowell was the developers' first choice for the role of the erudite British leader, given his famed diction and gravitas. "There's only a few people that have the kind of pull he has," Ajami told GameSpot.
    The producer went on to explain EALA's casting process for the C&C games' FMV sequences, which are done in coordination with EA's marketing department. "We have a four-sided square we try and fit people in when we cast them," said Ajami. "One, they have to have what we call 'nerd cred,' because that plays into our audience a lot. Then, they have to be a big-name actor as well. Third, they have to be recognizable, so if you look at them you might not know exactly who they are, but you know they've seen them somewhere before. And the fourth one doesn't apply to Malcolm, but having hot chicks [in the game] never hurts."
    One of the attractive actresses recruited for Uprising is Holly Valance, the Australian-Serbian actress who recently appeared in the disastrously received film adaptation of Dead or Alive. She is joined by C&C newcomer Jodi Lyn O'Keefe from the television show Prison Break, and series veterans Gemma Atkinson and Ivana Milicevic reprise their roles as Lt. Eva McKenna (Allies) and Dasha Fedorovich (Soviet). Julia Ling will also return as Izumi, sister of the Japanese Empire's psionic commando Yuriko Omega--who will also appear in one FMV sequence portrayed by an as-yet-unannounced actress. Definitely not fitting into the "hot chick" category is Ric Flair, the former pro wrestler and outsize television personality. He will portray Commander Hill, a military strongman players must battle in Uprising's all-new Commander's Challenge mode. "We needed somebody to yell at you and call you names--he definitely fit the bill," Ajami said of the famously boisterous ex-mat-man. Uprising will feature some 25 minutes of full-screen FMV cutscenes, drawn from more than 30 pages of script. Directed by EA's full-time cinematic director Richard Taylor, the scenes were shot over eight days last year on soundstages in Hollywood and nearby Culver City, California.

Celebrity C&C: Red Alert 3 - Uprising Cast Announced
Andrew Burnes 1/27/09
    �Quality live-action movies and storytelling have always been a unique component to the Command & Conquer DNA and we wanted to make sure we did things right with Uprising,� said Amer Ajami, Senior Producer at EA Los Angeles. �We are really pleased we were able to assemble another large and talented ensemble for Uprising, and we think our fans are going to be pleased by everyone�s performances not only in the cutscenes, but also in Commander�s Challenge, where you�ll actually be battling some of our stars.�
    �When I found out that EA wanted me to be part of Command & Conquer, all I could say was �Woooooooooooo!�� said 16-time world heavyweight champion, Ric Flair, who stars as Commander Hill, a commander players will have to take on in the new Commander�s Challenge mode. �I had a great time on set and while I may have retired from the ring, I think my fans are going to love seeing the �Nature Boy� style and profile his way to victory. I know my kids are going to have a great time trying to take it to me on the battlefield.�
    Malcolm McDowell, who plays Rupert Thornley, the president of the European Union, and had previously starred in the live-action movies for the Wing Commander franchise, added, �It�s great to be working with good actors and the more good actors you can get to do games, the better. In the past people might have thought you could get away with anything in games and that isn�t a good attitude. Kids are spending a lot of money and time on these games and they deserve first rate performers and I�m glad to say that this is what Uprising is.�
    Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising will take players deeper into the Red Alert universe with four new mini-campaigns set in the aftermath of the events of Red Alert 3. The game also features the new Commander�s Challenge mode, a series of 50 challenging, over-the-top scenarios where players will need to battle through a gauntlet of commanders and obstacles in order to unlock the game�s powerful new units.

PAL Gaming Network 1/12/09

Australian's own Holly Valance, famous for her role in Neighbors and her pop music, will star in the upcoming Red Alert 3 expansion, dubbed Uprising. The expansion, revealed only a few days ago, will be exclusive to the PC. Players won't even need to own the original game to play it, which is handy. "I play a news reporter called Brenda Snow," Valance told Eurogamer. "She's investigating a research facility that might be doing some dodgy business, and thinks perhaps the president's involved. I interview him walking down a red carpet. He's played by Malcolm McDowell, which is super-cool." Valance's character will fit right in with the rest of the cast, by the sound of it, by attempting to be as camp and cheesy as possible. "[Snow is] a camp, over-dramatized character, it's not too serious. It was fun to go a little bit over the top," she added. Red Alert 3: Uprising will be available to download at some stage in March. The game promises some interesting new features, such as the Commander's Challenge mode, as well as four brand new mini-campaigns. A price has not yet been revealed.


Rupert Thornley at a podium
Rupert Thornley interviewed on the red carpet


(A clip of Tolwyn from Wing Commander IV) Malcolm, ''Handsome fella. Oh, hi I was certainly brilliant in that role wasn't I? I'm brilliant again in Red Alert 3 Uprising with new characters, units and missions. Red Alert shall remain the envy of all RPS games. With a healthy dose of my talent Red Alert may be the greatest game of all time, of course that's my opinion and I'm never wrong.''

Synopsis - Official

The Red Alert universe is one in which an alteration in time eliminated Nazi Germany from history, resulting in a bi-polar world where the Western Allies battle against the Soviet Union. Red Alert 3 altered the storyline a bit as a Russian time-travel experiment eliminated Albert Einstein from history which caused a new power - Imperial Japan - to rise as a third player in global power politics. While nominally allies, the European/American relationship underwent strain thanks to the actions of U.S. President Ackerman in the original game.

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