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Character Actor
Bret Stiles Malcolm McDowell
Patrick Jane Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon Robin Tunney
Kimball Cho Tim Kang
Wayne Rigsby Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt Amanda Righetti
Tara Harrington Michelle Clunie
Madeleine Hightower Aunjanue Ellis
Alexander Harrington Bob Gunton
David Steven Hack
Elizabeth Stanfeld Tate Hanyok
Marty Paul Hayes
Masseuse Emiko King
Sadie Harrington Robyn Lively
Ashley Harrington Madison Moellers
Ed Harrington Tanc Sade
Xander Harrington Stephen Snedden
Musician #2 Tom Strahle
Heather Evans Virginia Williams
Steven Wench Joseph Will
Atherson Officer Chris Borden

Directed by Roxann Dawson
Written by Carolyn Ingber, created by Bruno Heller


TV Guide 8/4
Malcolm McDowell
is returning to The Mentalist this fall as Britt Stiles, the leader of the Visualize Self-Realization Center. McDowell told TV Guide Magazine that he starts shooting next week. "I'm obviously some kind of dastardly serial killer type," he jokes. "But I like fencing with Simon Baker." McDowell says the ambiguous church leader, who was first introduced this spring in the episode "Red All Over," is a great recurring character because, "he's a charming, charismatic, deadly character but he's wonderful because he is so smooth. He is like Teflon and whenever he's attacked he just smiles and deflects everything." And he's excited to work with Baker again. "I didn't realize quite how good of an actor he is until I worked with him," says McDowell. "He's very, very skilled. At 11:30 at night, he's still saying, 'No, let's talk about it,' as opposed to 'Let's get home to bed.' He wants to get it right. And he's right."



Promo Shots
Bret stands over Patrick

Patrick plays Bret's handheld game

Patrick, Bret & Teresa

Bret's signed book to Elizabeth
Caption: "To Elizabeth - A fine student and a dear friend from a proud teacher. Bret Stiles"

Front Cover
Bret can be seen (Stiles can be seen on the back)

Back Cover
Top has a blurb about "...can change your attitude and you..." - Jason Cohen, The North Valley press. The bio mentions "....renowned religious leader and spiritual advisor shares...through renewed vision. The key is eyes act...needs to be unlocked. Stiles delivers deep matters of eyes and spirit
(Then a list of other books and an address in Atherson, CA)

Press Release

TV Guide Exclusive: Malcolm McDowell to Guest-Star on The Mentalist
Feb 25, 2010
We see a serious bad guy in Patrick Jane's future: Malcolm McDowell will guest-star on an upcoming episode of The Mentalist. McDowell, best known for playing nihilist Alex in A Clockwork Orange, will play the leader of a twisted religious cult in which Jane (Simon Baker) gets entangled. Series creator Bruno Heller describes the character as a "great heavy."
    "He seems to have his sinister tentacles in every pie, which is really mixing horrible metaphors, but he's that kind of guy," Heller tells TVGuide.com with a laugh. "We're very lucky to get someone as great as Malcolm McDowell to play that."

My Summary

    Harrington Estate Atherson, CA - there is a large party in the backyard, right on the on the water. Sadie: Let's do it. Mr. Alex Harrington: Thank you Sadie. I'm proud to welcome you the CEO of my company Xander. He does come down the steps like he's supposed to. Text him will you? Then he suddenly wanders out with a bloody wound from the back of his neck that he's holding, walks out to the party and falls down dead.
    In his officer the detectives find he was stabbed in the back of the neck with a letter opener from the desk. The only thing missing from the room is a file of the people who were fired from the Harrington newspaper. One guy says nice dress to a girl in red. She thanks him, her name is Heather Evans. Pat tries to get her to confess she was reading the stolen letter and her name isn't on it, but she's cool about it. He says the obvious things is she has blood on her shoes and they want the shoes. "Stop the presses" - Pat  always wanted to say that.
    At police HQ they say Xander caught you, maybe he didn't see you. Heather says it was dark, I saw the list, picked it up and ran, I had no idea he was dead, I must've  stepped in his blood. How did you find the list? She has a confidential source. She wanted to know if she still had a good job. Not anymore. The house is fully wired, but they had the cameras disconnected during the party. She doesn't like guards, guns. When will they move the crime scene tape? The old man says Xander staged a coo and got the photos and had him fired. He was never more proud, plus his son Erik. Patrick says he had heart and spleen and a list of thinks. Are you being flippant with me. I'm sorry. My son just died. She takes Pat out and he says there is a pink elephant outside. He was to get the attention of the girl under the table. She's Ashley Harrignton, 6 year old daughter of Xander.
    They go to a man getting a message. He admits giving the Heather info on the files for sex, but he didn't kill Xander. They did get a nasty note from Bret Stiles, a sort of cult leader. They go to his compound. There is a room where people are bringing in equipment under a large picture of Bret. Patrick goes with David he always wanted to try this. They both put their hands on a orb, only Pat. They ask if he thinks people are out to get him. He has problems with depression. He recommends a special course. He says you take a credit credit? Pat pulls is out and says ha ha. They go to leave. If Xander dies she gets all the pre-nup. "Good job Steven." Thank you Mr. Stiles. "No, thank you."
    Then agent Lisbon asks Xander's wife if she had an affair. She denies it, she worked with Xander on the company, loved him, the company and leaves. Alex wanders over says no, never, she wouldn't ruin the company and risk everything. She caused stock to double since she's been here, I'm quite fond of her. He gets a call and takes it, sorry to be rude. They he shows the message to Lisbon. It's a text: There is a bomb in the Atrium in to go off in 3 minutes. Lisbon says get everyone out. Not enough time. Do your best. Then she calls Pat who is asleep desperately needing help to find the bomb. There is still time, you are good at this kind of thing. We can do this. I'm sure he's got comprehensive insurance. It reads in the they grand saloon. He says inside job to use those fancy terms. He says the corner under the forgery. How did he know it was a forgery? It is has a minute. He won't play the game with which wire. I 'm not interested. I don't want to play that game. Just leave. Right now! Okay? Then Ashley shows up and won't leave, she hide under the couch. She tries to pull her out and can't. She goes back to the bomb and pulls the blue wire and it stops with 3 seconds left.
    Alex says he can't thank them enough for saving his granddaughter, he'll make sure the bosses know. Pat shows up for this new ceremony at the house. Alex has to name a new CEO and it's Sadie. Edward is flipping out and tries to deal with it. They are searching Stanfeld's and it has Bret Stiles's book.
    Sam and Lisbon go to visit him and Bret is taping some sort of TV. performance. 'The eye is not just the window to the soul...it is the key. Because when you see it you will be it. Let's do it one more time. The eye is....' He starts to rehearse, Pat interrupts like a smart ass. You must be Mr. Jane. You were expecting up? Oh, yes. This must be long suffering colleague Agent Lisbon, I must say more beautiful than advertised. Thanks guy, take a little break, give us a few minutes. She has the book Elizabeth Stanfeld had  signed by Bret. She planted a bomb she couldn't have built. 'Hmmm, I may have taught her, was she a brunette?' He wrote 'Dear Friend', he doesn't know her, I've signed millions of these in my time, I always personalize them, it's an old trick I learned from a friend...Ronnie Reagan.  So you have never attacked the Harrington family, that is your position? He shakes his head, smiles and so no that is not my position. It's the truth. Pat says he doesn't know the window to the soul, he's looking at a big fat liar. 
Really? You could work on that, there is a facial tick and get some great results.
    Bret: You know, now I see why Red John really loves sparring for you. A worthy advisory.
    Jane: Yes, straight for the jugular.
    Lisbon: Obviously he struck a nerve.
    Bret: Losing a wife and child like that makes a man reckless. Untethers him. Fills him with anger and shame that he cannot express. Well it must make your job very hard, hmm?
    Lisbon: Yes, but the health plan is great.
    Bret: He gets up. Mr. Jane I think we can help you, I think we can scrub that shame, self hatred right out of your system.
    Jane: We know what you are a conman
    Bret: Nobody is past helping, even you. Woah, am I hearing a threat here, aren't there rules against that?
Gives us Elizabeth, it's the percentage plat is the give up Elizabeth. Forget it.
Bret:  Elizabeth is at Edward Harrington's penthouse. To do what? She gave me no instructions, she went of her own free will. They go to the house and Ed is there having sex with Liz. He is OK. Police let me see you hands. Are you alright? What the hell going on?
    At the station Ed says he might've been next. Take out her and happily ever after and combine with Bret Stiles or anyone at the Visualize society? No. How did you know I wasn't next for Visualize. You aren't an important enough Harrington to kill, you are a stooge. Yeah, thanks. The girl has the bomb and she's facing 20 years. She didn't kill Xander. Give us a name. She looks down on them like ants, very high above. You can't arrest the truth. She is bat nuts crazy. Bat nuts. That's not a crime, but you give me an idea. Alex comes to get Eddie, he made a mistake. Pat says to send him home. He made a poor choice sexual partner wise. Pat goes through the evidence and dials Alex to make another threat. The phone is the same one linked to Alex from before.
     I thought you traced that phone to Stansfeld, it must be linked to Visualize. He wants the best they have Lisbon and her team. She's flattered. Agents play cards inside. This hives Pat a way inside. They are playing card games and backgammon. Pat plays Alex backgammon and says it's all luck. No it's not. Pat hears something, they all go into the closed crime scene. It's been closed since the crime scene. He finds a toy under the table. Most likely he just stuck it there. Alex says Ashley's, that's why she's been so distant, she saw the murder from right there.. The security went to check the security and the power goes out. Backup should kick in. It does, but the perimeter has been breeched.
    They all head downstairs in the secret room and lock the doors. Alex is with Ashley. She hides under the table like before.  He says they are safe. Pat wants chocolate. Grace watches the screens for security. He asks who Charlie Grace is. Bring it up. They watch Alex question Ashley if she was hiding under the desk playing tea party. You won't get in trouble. If you were there maybe you saw a game we were playing. It was a game, when your daddy fell it was an accident I didn't mean to do it. There are security guards on each side he doesn't notice. When daddy fell it was an accident it was all game. Daddy didn't mean it. Sadie finds them and they can't hold it back. Sadie slaps Pat. My lawyers will grind this dust. You had 2 sons and you can even look at her. Eddie is Ashley's father. Eddie asks dad you really can't think you can do anything can I. Xander and Tara seemed to close, whispering together in the corners. So I ordered the paternity test. Ella is not my child. I confronted Xander. He knew it. Why didn't he deny it. He knew all along. Edward is Ella's father. It can't be. You killed the wrong so.  I ordered a DNA test the day of the part. You treated her like a possession. He got mad and he attacks and killed him. But to think what Ashley saw. She saw nothing. Pat pulls a cup from behind dad's ear, there never was a cup there, it's all in the wrist. Alex cries, Pat leaves.
    "My good friend Senator Ayelman is very concerned about my treatment. Of course you do the good senator chair of the justice committee." I know him. Bret Stiles good to see you. Bret: I hate to tell him that you failed to conclude this matter." Why don't we do it right now? Bret: Good. Patrick, Mr. Stiles says you harassed him in a way that reflected poorly on the bureau. Is there anything you'd have to say? I'm good, thanks Actually there is one thing I'd like to say. The chief asks if this is helpful Patrick. Probably not. Nice talking with you. Ok, then there you go. Bret "Are you kidding, that's it?" Is the senator still seeing that stripper in Bakersfield? Lovely girl. Bret: Well, well, I see that I've met my match here you two are quite the double act. I will retreat chasened. By the way we will find a way to charge you with that attempting bombing. Bret: "Shhh, "Mrs. Hightower, don't push your luck." So long Bret. Don't get the wrong Idea. I've got Stiles checkmated, but if a real player with juice came in here I want you to dance. Isn't that what we just did? I do love to dance and he dances out the door.

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