Family is Forever
Released August 28th, 2009
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Character Actor
Dr. Samuel Loomis Malcolm McDowell
Laurie Strode Scout Taylor-Compton
Michael Myers Tyler Mane
Sheriff Lee Brackett Brad Dourif
Deborah Myers Sheri Moon Zombie
Young Michael Myers Chase Wright Vanek
Annie Brackett Danielle Harris
Dr. Maple Caroline Williams
Uncle Meat Howard Hesseman
Harley David Angela Trimbur
Barbara Collier Margot Kidder
Mya Rockwell Brea Grant
Lou Martini Daniel Roebuck
Mary Birdsong Nancy McDonald
Deputy Gwynne  Renae Geerlings-Mane
Alan Hooks Dayton Callie 
Howard Boggs Jeff Daniel Phillips
Wolfie Matt Bush
Gary Scott Richard Brake
Ned Atkins Ezra Buzzington
Kyle Van Der Klok Robert Curtis Brown
David Newman Chris Hardwick
Nurse Paige Brandi Coleman
Holly West Catherine Dyer
Winnie Gilmore Eileen Dietz
Deputy Webb Bill Fagerbakke
Misty Dawn Sylvia Jefferies
Cameraman Eric Goins
'Clown' boy Matthew Lintz
Deputy King Mark Christopher Lawrence
Betsy Rue Jazlean Benny
Michael Scialabba Paramedic
Himself Weird Al Yankovic
Deputy Neale Greg Travis
Trevor Pettiford Sound Guy

Recast: Daeg Faerch (Young Michael Myers), Bill Moseley (Uncle Seymour Coffins)

Directed & Written by Rob Zombie
Adam Boyer ... Bruce Cabot


Icons of Fright 1/22/09
Tim Sullivan: So you said you'd never remake a horror film and then you did, and then you said you'd never do a sequel and now you're doing it.

Rob Zombie: Yeah, it's a funny thing. When I was done with Halloween and the movie was in theaters and people would ask me if I would do another, I was like 'No way!' And the main reason I would say that is because I was burnt out. Making that movie was a really hard fucking thing to do. It was one of those movies where everything was a fight, a struggle. So when it was all done, I said, 'I'm done'. But ya know, you say that after you go out on every tour. You're just so burnt out, you brain can't you can't get your head around doing it again. So, I went off and worked on some other scripts, and other movies got announced pre-maturely like T-Rex that weren't ready to go. And then, by that point I'd heard someone else was doing Halloween 2. Then I found out the job was still open because they hadn't worked it out with whomever they had gotten. And I was kind of like suddenly over night into the idea. And everyone I would tell was like, 'Why would you want to do that? Don't do that!' But as you kind of said, I felt like my world had just sort of been established. And now I can really do something with it.

In the same way Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are really one long movie in two parts.

Bingo. So now we've gotten over the hump of 'Who's going to replace Jamie Lee Curtis?' and 'Who's going to replace Donald Pleasance?' I have those people now. It's kind of the same with Devil's Rejects. I didn't want to do a sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, I wanted to do something new. Again, I initially laid the groundwork with these characters in broad strokes. But now you can really do something with them, you don't have to explain who everyone is. That's why it may seem like one giant movie, just pick it up and go. Almost everyone is coming back. They still look the same. It just feels right. And I thought of something that I could do with the movie that seemed really interesting to me. It's not based on anything. Even though I created the back-story for little Michael, I still basically followed the story of Halloween (with the first one). I was really torn between creating stuff that was new and giving people a little of the old. Now, it doesn't matter! I can just do whatever the fuck I want. No one will have any expectations. And some people may think they're going to watch a horror movie with Michael stuck in the hospital, but I'm not doing that. I can do something totally different.

So this isn't a remake of the original Halloween 2?

No, nothing to do with it at all.

Is it going to pick right up where Halloween 1 left off?

Well, it's going to pick up right at the next second. Ya know, when I was making that movie, it was really funny' I had struggled with the Laurie Strode character through the whole movie. Within the sense that, I usually work with darker characters like Captain Spaulding and Otis. Those are the characters I really feel like I understand. By the time I got to the end of the movie when Laurie Strode was all smacked up and covered in blood, holding a gun, and screaming, I was like 'THAT'S the Laurie Strode movie I want to make!'

I felt like there wasn't enough Laurie Strode. And considering how you took such great pains to show us how Michael became Michael, it felt like Laurie finally became herself just as the credits rolled'

That's kind of how I felt too. Here's sort of the reason that happened. I originally envisioned it as 2 movies. I wanted the first movie to be little Michael in Smithsgrove Sanitarium ending basically when Michael gets the mask. And then Part 2 would be basically Haddonfield. But unfortunately I couldn't convince anyone to take the stance and make 2 films back to back. We edited like crazy, we took 4 hours worth of movie and cut it down to 90 minutes. And I tell people this, when I watch it, my favorite part is the first hour, because it's very detailed and getting into little Michael. Then when we get to Haddonfield, I was feeling 'Okay, time to wrap this shit up, kids!' (Laughs) And it was just kind of a struggle the whole time. Now, I feel it makes sense.

The second movie can be Laurie's film. Once again, a chance to revisit the film again.

Yeah. For this movie' this movie is really going to be Laurie's movie. The first one is really Michael's movie. But that was my goal too. Carpenter's movie is really about Laurie, and I was more interested in Michael.

Now we're going to get your take on Laurie.

To me, when Laurie became' now she's not the happy-go-lucky girl, now she's very fucked up famous person, trying to make sense of this.

Scout must be thrilled. This will give her a chance to flex her chops in a way she wasn't able to in the first film.

She hasn't seen the script yet, so she's not sure what's happening. But I put a lot of good stuff into her character. It's a real kick-ass film.

Is this going to have the sadistic viciousness of Devil's Rejects?

Well, I want to make a very different movie. It's not like I'm trying to make that. That's part of the reason we're going to Georgia to a wide open place. That was the problem - I had felt the pains of shooting in Pasadena. I don't know if it makes a difference shooting in the suburbs, but it'll really open up the movie. Because if you open up too much, you would see Starbucks, there's Carl's T, there's a palm tree. So now we're going on location and really opening up and feeling that world.

This is your first time shooting on location, outside of LA, right?

Yeah, yeah. Now, it's a location that I can use as a real character.

What are the themes that are concerning you in the Halloween 2?

It's not any kind of revenge movie at all. It's more of a' God, what kind of movie is it? (Pause) I don't even want to say because the whole vibe of it is still materializing. I want people to walk in and be surprised. It's really hard because if I say this is happening, that's happening, it'll give it away. But it's Laurie's journey in the aftermath of what is an incredibly horrible way to figure out who she is.

Is it over time, is it in one night?

It takes place over some time, but it starts that night and then essentially, I mean' the first one, Laurie has no idea what just happened. But then she wakes up the next day and someone's going, 'Oh by the way, your parents are dead. All your friends are dead. And actually, your brother is uh, Charles Manson.' (Laughs) You know? 'How do you feel about that?' See what I mean?

I'm sold on that.

Yeah! Because that's really the place that she's in. She is now' everyone she knows is basically dead, and she is related to the person that did it all and doesn't even know who the fuck she is. So it's really the journey of figuring out who she is.

Will Loomis be back?

Most likely. It's one of those things 'I don't know who's back until everyone signs their deal! (Laughs) You never know what's going to happen. I mean, Malcolm's a wonderful guy, and we're still good friends through this whole thing. We talk about it all the time. I'm pretty sure Malcolm is going to be back. But you never know.

Let's say Malcolm isn't available, would you still have Loomis in it, or would you just not have the character?

I think I would just not have the character, because I think it'd be too weird. I think' I'm really excited to see Malcolm and Scout and all these people can really have the chance to stand freely ' We just scratched the surface on the first movie.

Do you think you'll have any flashbacks?

Yeah, there won't be - there's other weird things planned but there's no flashbacks in the movie. talks to Rob Zombie 12/22/08

Your return to Halloween took a lot of people by surprise. What made you decide to return to the franchise?

Well, it took me by surprise also. After finishing Halloween I was so burnt out that I had no desire to do it again. For some reason Halloween was one of those shoots that was stressful and crazed from day one. Everything was a struggle and a problem. So, when it was done I was ready to be done. Then time goes by, you regenerate, forget and the idea of a sequel seems okay. But by that point I thought someone else was already doing it. So I just forgot about it. Then I ran into Matt Stein from Weinstein Company at the Scream Awards and found out that it was still up for grabs. So I grabbed it. I love my version of the characters and can't wait to take them further. This sequel will be different than the first film, much like The Devil's Rejects was different from House of 1000 Corpses.

What about the cast?
At this point casting hasn't really begun. Only Tyler Mane has officially signed back on as Michael. But I've talked with Malcolm and Scout and both are ready to jump back into the madness. There are a few new characters, but things will change a lot over the next few months so I can't really shed any light on that.

When and where do you start shooting?
Well, the last film was shot in South Pasadena and that was a drag. So this time I actually want to go out of California and find a location that adds more depth, grit and mood to the film. Not sure yet exactly where we are headed but we are out scouting as we speak. The first day of shooting is March 9th.

There are already a ton of rumors floating around. Care to set the record straight on anything?
No. I made the mistake last time of addressing rumors. It was a waste of time. It's all bullshit. I'm already hearing tons of stupid shit, so why bother even dealing with it.

Most people thought T-rex would be your next movie.
That is in development to be the film that is next after I finish Halloween 2. Sometimes this works out different than you plan. If ever there was a business where you got to roll with punches it's the movie biz.

Anything else?
One thing I'm thrilled with is that Tyler Bates has already started to work on the music. He was excited to take another crack at the score and take it to a new level. We have some really cool music ideas going on.


I saw a Halloween II TV ad where they brought it back for the weekend it was meant to be seen - Halloween. They put it back on a 1000 screens and made another half million, but the total gross for the film $33m is less that than the first 10 days of the 2007 version at $44m.


Here comes the obvious news and it would be Malcolm's first 3D movie, but hopefully he'll decline with Rob finally (maybe) not being involved.

'Halloween 3D' coming in summer 2010
Halloween II may not have won the box office this weekend, but Weinstein Co. is taking a lesson from the movie that did as it prepares a sequel for next summer. The independent studio's co-Chairman Bob Weinstein said today that the 3-D sequel, titled, (boringly) enough, "Halloween 3D," is in development. The investment it takes to shoot movies in digital 3-D has proved particularly lucrative for horror films. For "The Final Destination," this weekend's No. 1 movie, theaters with at least one 3-D screen earned 3.25 times as much as those that showed the movie in 2-D only, according to distributor Warner Bros. That's substantially higher than for other recent releases. The equivalent 3-D multiple for last month's "G-Force," for instance, was only 1.7 on its first weekend. For July's "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" it was 1.4 and for June's "Up" it was 2.2. January horror flick "My Bloody Valentine" earned 6.4 times as much from 3-D theaters as it did from 2-D on its opening weekend. Weinstein said Rob Zombie, who directed "Halloween II" and 2007's reboot of the 31-year-old horror series, won't return for Halloween 3-D. He said the studio is in negotiations with a new director, whom he declined to name, who has experience in horror and has a "different take" on the franchise.


The film bombed compared to last year's $26.5 million a record for labor day. It only opened in 3rd place with $16.35 million They say the film only cost $15 million to make so it won't lose money. It lost to Final Destination 4 with had 3D sequences. 


Today is the premiere of the film for the cast & crew.

Malcolm McDowell hit the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere of horror movie Halloween II at Mann's Chinese in Hollywood  as well as the ensuing after-party which took place at Mood on Hollywood Boulevard - with his 7 month-old son in tow. The actor explained they had to bring the baby - his youngest child with wife Kelley - "because his food source is carrying him". He proudly told reporters: "He's a cute boy, his name is Shamus." McDowell, who stars in the film, jokingly added: "He's going to see his first movie tonight, poor thing. You think it'll affect him for his whole life? Oh well." Director Rob Zombie promised audiences wouldn't be too grossed out with blood and guts scenes. "If you make it too gory it almost becomes like a cartoon, it becomes stupid. The most shocking scenes are just unexpected," he said.


To my surprise when I went to watch tonight's Headbanger's Ball it was hosted by Rob Zombie and was a Halloween II special. This is something they never do anymore. The best part was how Rob even lamented near the end talking about HBB's heyday was in the mid 90s and how he'd wait up all night to see the last video played if it was from his own band White Zombie and how a band that got videos played could sell millions and how sadly it's not like that anymore. Basically saying the show was irrelevant.  He showed a couple clips from the film, played a few trailers and some of his solo music videos including Never Gonna Stop The Clockwork video. Malcolm was only seen for a second in one of the TV spots. He does explain how Malcolm's scene with Weird Al works. Chris Hardwick who used to work on Mtv on their awful show Singled Out with Jenny McCarthy (who now hosts the funny show Web Soup every week on G4) is hosting a talk show and Dr. Loomis is on promoting his book. Rob wanted to have sort of the ultimate pop culture real life contrast to sow how ridiculous talks shows, guests and all that stuff is so that wanted someone who would be the opposite of Loomis in real life and Chris called up Weird Al who he is friends with and he came in and is the film playing himself like a 'foil' to Loomis. He also told his friend to put a bullet in his head if he talks about making Halloween III, so once again he's saying he's never doing another (yawn) and this is it and the TV spots even call it the shocking conclusion like their won't be another.

All other titles have been dropped for the film. It is now Halloween II, not The Devil Walks Among Us, not H2, Not Halloween 2.


Once again he wants to change the theme song. The first time he said it there was such fallout he said he was misquoted. Re the classic theme music we all associate with Halloween, Zombie says, "We haven’t gotten to that point yet so we could change our minds, but we want to do something totally different. The movie is very raw and very rough looking so the score has to [reflect that]." When asked if he might return to his heavy metal roots, he thankfully replied, “No, I wouldn’t do anything like that. We’re going to have to find a really sort of dissident ambient score. Unsettling rather than traditional."


Weird Al joins the cast playing himself on a talk show with Dr. Loomis. Also Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures will headline Haddonfield's 4th Annual Phantom Jam.


Haddonfield's Channel 18 has replaced the old Seymour Coffins (Moseley) with a new and improved Seymour Coffins. The new Uncle Seymour Coffins will be hosting the 4th Annual Phantom Jam. Scheduling conflicts have prevented Moseley from committing to the part.


Filming took place at Hwy. 142 Bar & Grill in north Jasper County Georgia, and some Jasper County deputies were able to collect a little extra money as they worked off-duty for the movie-makers.


IGN with Rob Zombie - "I just realized that the great thing about doing this one is, with the last one there was some sense of retaining some John Carpenter-ness about it all," he explains, "and now it didn't matter. This movie is 100 percent whatever I want to do. And we never discussed Halloween or Michael Myers or anything. In fact, every time we do something we go, 'This doesn't seem [like Halloween].' We can do whatever we want and it's very freeing. And I think it's making for a much better movie because we're not trying to do what anyone is expecting at all. In fact, we're trying to do the exact opposite at all times -- exactly what people aren't expecting. You figure with a character like this, this time I really wanted to reinvent him. Because what is this? The 2,000th film, I mean with all the sequels and stuff? So that was the main thing. "There's no supernatural aspect, I never wanted to have that at all. People [are like], 'Is it scary?' I didn't really want it to be scary in that sense. I didn't achieve it with the last one as much, but it is happening on this one more so because of the locations and how the approach is just… I want it to seem so real that it's not like you jump, 'Oh, I'm scared,' it's like completely unnerving all the way through until it just becomes horrible to watch. That when you kill a character or somebody dies it's horrible and it's drawn out and you really feel something, not just say, 'Oh, somebody's dead.' That's what's good about this one. There's fewer characters, and the main thing I like about coming back to this is we don't have to establish who these people are. We know who they are and we can now really expand on their characters. Sequels mostly are just the same beats hit again, but when they're not, you can go, 'Wow, we didn't know these characters. Now we can really get into something with them. We don't have to just go through the broad strokes of introducing them.' That's why it's nice. What I struggled with for so long before I started was if you're going to make a movie about Laurie Strode, what [are] really the effects if that was real?" he says. "If one day you woke up in the hospital and I go, 'Oh, by the way, someone murdered your parents last night, and all of your friends, and the murderer is your brother.' Like what would the psychological ramifications of that be? Because usually they just go like, 'Oh, O.K., it's six months later and she's kind of back to normal.' So that's why I jumped ahead two years later and Laurie Strode comes into the movie and she's just a wreck. She's like a totally damaged, fucked-up person, and starts low and sinks lower through the whole movie. What I found interesting about it was the final frames of the last one where you feel like she's snapped. And you know, she's related to Michael Myers so I figured like, 'O.K., she's got that same gene.' And you see her start unraveling and losing her mind throughout the whole movie, and that's what I thought was interesting. That's really what it's about more than anything else. That's when I finally became interested. I was bored with the character of Laurie Strode until she was covered in blood, screaming. I go, 'Now that's a character I would like to make a movie about. She suddenly became interesting.' That was the part of Halloween that I struggled with because I'm not really interested in making movies about characters that are clean, nice people living in a clean, nice world. I just don't find that interesting. And that's what the second half of that movie was, where it was sort of John Carpenter-ish Land. I don't have any of that in this movie."


Daeg Faerch replaced by Chase Wright Vanek, he grew up too fast.


"I know some of you are confused as to why Daeg is not in the film. Recasting young Michael was not something I wanted to do, but the scenes just didn't work anymore. Daeg is no longer a little boy, he is a teenager with a deep voice. Once you see the film you will understand why I made this choice. It was not an easy choice and was not made lightly"


The Devil Walks Among Us added to title.


Shooting starts this week.


The news we were all dreading has arrived from Rob Zombie about Halloween 2, "Rumors have it that Malcolm will not be returning as Dr. Loomis. Well, as usual the rumors are wrong. Malcolm McDowell will be back and ready to deal with big Mike."


Would be great if it stays true: At a SAG event 2/10 Malcolm McDowell talked about his proposed return in Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 shooting this month in Georgia. "maybe you ought to tell that to the Weinsteins! We're in the middle of negotiating right now! Those f*ckers!" He then chuckled and said he was, of course, kidding and said that Zombie, whom he called an "amazing director" wanted him back...even though McDowell himself thought Loomis must surely be dead and that the Weinsteins are probably wishing Loomis WAS dead.' The actor told the audience he had not even received a script, so plot details remain unknown. However, one source tells a screenplay dated early January did not even have Loomis in the story.


I just heard a Canadian radio interview from 12/17/08 where Malcolm said he was doing Halloween 2 this year, so that's that.


Who Will Be Returning in Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' Sequel?
We've actually been hearing about Zombie's return to Haddonfield for a few weeks now, and something that has become quite clear to us is that Zombie intends on bringing back a few names from his 2007 remake of Halloween. From our sources close to the project, expect to see the return of Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode, Tyler Mane as Michael Myers, Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Sam Loomis, Daeg Faerch as young Michael Myers and of course Sheri Moon Zombie as Deborah Meyers. Nothing is set in stone as the script is currently being written, but we'll have the official news when anything is officially announced. Rob Zombie's H2 picks up right as the first remake ended, following the aftermath of Michael Myers' murderous rampage through the eyes of the sister he hunted.

Tyler Mane confirmed as Michael Myers again.


Finally I can announce the news you all have been asking about. Back when the rumor started it was just a rumor, but now it is real. Malcolm will be back as Dr. Loomis. - Rob Zombie


Malcolm, 7 month old son Seamus and Kelley at the premiere 8/24/09


Teaser Poster from 12/08

Teaser Poster with release date
Dr. Loomis's book on Michael Myers
The Devil Walks Among Us
The true story of America's most notorious serial murderer
Why am I here?
He was born to kill
By Dr. Sam Loomis


Rob Zombie saying he would never direct the third one.


Rob Zombie saying he would never direct a sequel.

I figured that no matter what I did, if it's successful, they'll figure out a way to make a Halloween 2, so I knew it didn't matter. I thought it better to play something that has some impact. I hate that feeling when you're in the theater and it's like, "Get ready for Part 2!" Ugh. You want to feel like you got a complete story. TV Guide 8/30/07

I wanted this to just be a standalone movie with an ending. If they want to make "Halloween 2" someday with somebody else, they can always figure out a way. 8/29/07

I just wanted to make this movie have a real ending even though no matter how you end a movie, somebody can figure out a way to start it back up again, but to me the movie has a great end. MoviesOnline 8/24/07

I would never do a sequel. I don't want to. I wanted to do this because I was excited about doing a movie with this iconic character, much like Frankenstein or something. And I made a movie much like how John Carpenter made his movie: it has a beginning, a middle and an end. And that's why I want to walk away from it. I'm not stupid; I know if it does well they'll make a sequel. But I just don't want to have anything to do with it. I want to move on to other things. This movie is all I care about. reelz channel 7/26/07

I have no plans on watching them or making them. [laughs.] My movie has a beginning, a middle and an end - and then I am done. Anything that comes after that? It will not involve me. Mtv 7/26/07

I definitely would not do sequels, so no. Because much like I'd assume Carpenter, I wanted to make a movie with a beginning, a middle, and an end, so it's a movie going experience. It's not a franchise going experience, because I think that's part of what ruins these movies too - everybody's like "well what are you going to do for part 2?" I don't give a sh-t about a part 2 or 3, 4, 5. I want to make one great movie and then whatever happens happens. If you just go in there with that sort of thought process, you're not going to do anything. You're going to be so scared, like "oh but what about'" You can't worry about that. What about what makes this f-cking movie work? Why not focus on that for a change. Ain't it Cool 7/26/07

There are too many franchises that kill movies. I wanted this to be a movie unto itself, not just a f**king cog in some kind of money making machine. Dark Horizons 7/24/07

I'm like there's no f**kin' way. [laughs] There's no way I would do it because I approached this movie singular film unto itself. I don't give a shit about reinvigorating a franchise, that's all well and good because you have to make money but I just wanted to make a great film and that's all Carpenter wanted to do. Not make a series. If they make "Halloween" 2, 3, 4, 9000, I'm not gonna be involved. Because this film has such a great start and a great ending, to go, "Let's start it up again!" Would be, to me, "Oh, Jesus Christ." 7/20/07

McDowell and Taylor-Compton say they'd return for additional "Halloween" sequels, but Zombie insists he's done after one. ("Everything I've wanted to do I've done with this movie," he remarked.) Mtv 3/7/07

I'm sure if the movie does well they will make a sequel. I have no plans to be involved. Mtv online 2/07

Trailers & TV Spots

Loomis in black
Loomis in white

Released 4/24/09. Loomis has one line, "Evil is here, it's walking among us, Michael is more evolved."
This line was not used in the film.

My Summary

WHITE HORSE - linked to instinct, purity and the drive of the physical body to release powerful and emotional forces, like rage with ensuing chaos and destruction.

-- excerpt from
The Subconscious Psychosis of Dreams

Deborah Myers walks across the snow to visit her son Michael in prison in a flashback. He sits with a white horse toy on the table in front of him. She asks what it reminds him of. A dream he had last night. A good one or a bad one she asks? A really good one. You were dressed like an angel and you had the horse and you were going to take me home. I wish I could, I miss you so much. Whenever you think of the horse think of mommy. OK. Are you ticklish? No. I thought you were. She grabs him on the side and he laughs. See, that's the smile I wanted.

Halloween II
Fifteen Years Later

    It is dark, the streets are empty except for someone walking and a police car behind her. Laurie, is that you? It's Sheriff Bracket calling on the walkie talkie behind. Give me the gun. I killed them she cries. He says it's OK. Then she's screaming on a stretcher covered in blood being rushed into the hospital. Am I gonna die? Loomis is also rushed in. They say neurosurgery will clear that, plastics are the least of their worries right now. They work on her as classical music plays, there is lots of stitching. At the crime scene people take pictures of Michael and load him into the van. They go back to stitching Laurie's black and red fingers and pumping her with IV and giving her air.
    They say to lock the box up tight in the van. It's pretty obvious what happened back here. Brackett says nothing is certain back here. On of the van drivers talks bout the other girl who is naked and looks line. He heard about this like that. First time since Essex he's wanted to do her. The driver does want to hear it. Stop, shut up please. What's the different between tan and jelly, you can't jelly your cock in that girl's ass. He laughs and yells cow!! There's a cow in the middle of the road and a full moon. The driver is spitting blood and in massive pain and curses over and over. Uggh the passenger? He's dead. There is a loud banging in the back and he yells 'Help me!' Over and over. Then Myers comes around and stabs him and he wiggles the knife until h dies. He cuts his head off and drops it. He walks into town and sees his mother with the white horse. 
    Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin from Beat Club is on TV, it's pouring rain and Laurie is trying to get up. She gets up with a portable IV and two nurses are at their station. One is a big black one Octavia, the other is small and white. The big one says you order Chinese and I'll take care of thanksgiving. They crack up. The small one says to Octavia she is leaving for the night, she'll be alone.
    Laurie goes to see Annie, she doesn't want her to die, she's in bad shape too. Octavia finds her and says she has to go back to her room and can't be there. She wants to wait with her. Octavia escorts her out, then suddenly gets and emergency call 'Nurse Daniels please report to emergency room A.' She stupidly trusts Laurie will go back to her room and leaves her. Then Laurie goes to the nurses station complaining about a pain in her head, she's getting very dizzy. Octavia is suddenly there, then she turns around and is shocked to see she is bleeding down her chest. She goes down and Laurie runs away. Michael is behind her with a knife. She picks her up and stabs her 10 times in rapid, hard succession. Laurie heads down the stairs and passes an old dead woman and the farther she goes the more blood and carnage she finds. She loses her IV somewhere and soon Michael is catching up and there is a pounding sound that gets louder and louder. She gets out into the pouring rain and climbs up metal stairs and heads for the guard tower yelling, "Help, somebody, please!" She gets to the front gate but it is locked and she is hysterical. Michael is not far behind. Buddy the guard pulls almost losing his coffee. He's pissed to finds Laurie inside. He says she is going to freeze her ass off. He gives her his jacket so she doesn't catch pneumonia. She tries to tell him about the nurses that are dead. He says she can have what is left of his coffee. He goes outside and locks her in. The Moody Blues are on the TV still behind him until they melt away. He says the car is only a second away. She screams for him. He comes back, says the car doesn't like to start in the rain. Then Michael comes from behind and kills him. She hides under the desk and doesn't notice her for some reason, though she was just screaming. He looks down, then leaves. Then the front window explodes and she starts screaming. All the windows and shades are smashing in as the screams. Then an axe hits her in the head and she wakes up at home and stares into the bathroom mirror.

October 29th 
One year alter

The sheriff is making breakfast. Annie is complaining about it. Laurie says no meat. She says she hasn't had the dream in a while. Annie asks if she wants to tell about it. Not really. Laurie goes to a shrink Barbara Collier and says they are getting worse. The doctor is concerned, but isn't surprised. It's Halloween and it's a big trigger point for you.  I know he's dead, I know he's not coming back. They never found the body so he's living in your mind, hear and emotions, that's the reality we have to get you from. Anything else? I've been thinking about my parents a lot. I miss them so much, I don't even know who I am any more. Come on Laurie…Can't we talk about something else please?
    Dr. Loomis arrives with his older female assistant Dr. Maple at his first booksigning in a huge black limo. The natives are getting restless, you were supposed to arrive 45 minutes ago she says. Hello? He answers his cellphone. She rambles on about the journalists, she feels this should be cool and a positive experience. Loomis, "woah, woah, woah. Did you just mention journalist, cool and positive all in the same sentence without throwing up?" Is that a problem? "It's just quite an oxymoron my dear." Can you level with me, is there going to be a problem today? "You are quite wound up aren't you?" Could you just not get personal?
    He comes around the corner and there is a large picture of him from a couple years ago wearing a tan jacket, "No, no no it's the wrong photograph! This is old Loomis, this is new (pointing to himself)!" I'm not going in there until I get a cup of tea tips and it's splashing hot. Get you what, tea? We don't have time. Fine, I'll go find you some. "2 percent!" he reminds her. 2 percent.
    Laurie pulls up to her job at a mom and pop record and collectibles store. Her boss says she's late. No, I am early, I worked overtime last night remember? Doesn't count. She says anarchy then? You can save that for the corporate bloodsuckers down the street. That's why we make no money. Her friend Mya also works there and doesn't care. She wants to know if she's going to the big Halloween party. Laurie says of course she wants to, but doesn't want to wear a costume. Mya friend says the costumes are so lame that now they are cool. Their other friend Harley comes in and says she has to go. It's borderline hippie class drama. Harley asks does she have to stand on the chair and show the old hippy man her tits again to get her to dress up? She gets ready to do it and Laurie makes her stop. Then a song they like comes on and they blast it and rock out.
    At Loomis's speech there is a giant image of the young Michael similar to his speech in the first film. Loomis, 'Michael, I'm sorry to tell your mother has passed away." She'll be back, "No, I'm afraid she won't be coming to see you again." I'll see her again, but I won't see you. Announcer: Ladies & gentlemen please welcome Dr. Samuel Loomis author of 'The Devil Walks Among Us' in stores October 31st.
    Loomis walks up to the podium and applause with the frozen image behind him, "Thank you all and welcome. Well, has anyone gotten any questions at all? Yes ma'am." Do you feel personally responsible for as many as 15 deaths? "I have tremendous sympathy for all families involved. Do I feel personally responsible ma'am? No, I do not. I've said that many times, it's just awful I was very nearly a victim myself. I'm not a psychic Sherlock Holmes playing Superman." A man jumps up and says since the authorities haven't been able to produce a body is he alive or dead. Will he kill again?. He turns to his agent who is panicking. Shots cut to sun setting outside and Michael walking. "Here we go again. Look, let me make things nice and sparking clear. Michael Myers is fucking dead. Now you brain dead gossip mongers want me to spell that out for you? D-E-A-D!"
    More shots of a man walking through woods and roads. In a barn he comes up his mother in white. She tells him Michael, Halloween is coming, you have to get ready, we are counting on you to bring all the souls here. Now he has turned into a child again. I won't let you down he says. I know you won't baby. I love you Michael, I love you to momma. She fades away.
    A couple argue in a car. He's sick of people coming in here taking whatever they wand. She asks what is he going to do? Then a huge man comes walking toward them and the dog barks. He goes out with a golf club and says you stupid slimy dick I told I'd beat the fuck out of you if you came on my land again. Another man joins him with a bat. The woman tells him to break it up. He goes down and they say that was a professional ass whipping them. She is sorry. They say get back in the truck. He puts his mask on, gets up, she says she didn't have to beat him to a pump. He walks over and starts hacking them all to bits, then breaks the windshield and goes for her last. He yanks her out and stabs her repeatedly. He doesn't do anything to the dog.
    The sheriff brings home pizza for them and Laurie says she's starving like Marvin. He asks if they wonder who the original Starvin Marvin was. They don't. Lee Marvin? Annie doesn't know who that is and her dad is incredulous. He tells them about a movie where he was a drunk plays the greatest gun in the west and he was so drunk and missed the barn. They don't laugh and he feels so old. He goes on about meat and Annie says every time we have to do this? He says every man has caveman in them and rolls up the pizza in a big ball. She says every parent embarrasses their offspring. Laurie thought it was funny. The food doesn't agree with her and she goes off to throw up. She helps her.
    Young Michael sits with old Michael and his mom comes to them in a house. He says I've been waiting. She says you know I can't come here, my time here is over. He says they'll be us. He would do it and found Boo. There is a Disney style scenery setup of hellish looking creatures. My baby she says. Do you want to be a family again? No yet Michael, not yet. Laurie wakes up thrashing.

October 30th.

Michael keeps walking until he reaches Haddonfield, incorporated in 1883. A woman is interviewing Loomis. So Dr. Loomis how long do plan on staying in town, "Please Sam, thanks. Well, I could stay a few extra days he laughs." His assistant wants his attention, he's obviously more interested in the attractive woman he is flirting with. Finally, "Excuse me my dear it'll only be one second. 
    "What!?" She says she's all for selling books, she knows she's done things she's not happy about, but the Myers house as a backdrop? What's next the cemetery and dancing on the victim's graves?
    "Look I don't think you quite understand what I'm doing here."
    "No, I don't, please explain it to me."
    "I'm selling the sizzle, not the steak."
    "The sizzle?"
    "Yes, humm hmm, It's business, woman, business!! Bad taste is the petrol that drives the American dream." She thinks it's a mistake.
    "Oh, you do-do you? When I want your opinion I'll beat it out of you."
    Laurie goes to take a shower. She sits and eats something gross. A knife cuts, a fire rages. She finds the young Michael's clown mask. She screams she's going to fucking kill you and is in a coffin with a window pounding her air out. Then she wakes up and talks to her stuffed animal.
    The reporter with Loomis is interviewing him on TV and Laurie watches ",After my last encounter with Michael I learned some startling facts about Michael."
    "What are they?"
    "Read the book as they say! (laughs)"
    "Aren't you worried the body went missing?"
    "No not really, it's more wasted taxpayers money, due to police incompetence. How can you lose a body transporting it from A to B? Better ask the sheriff's department that one."
    "Do you think the body will reappear?"
    "Yes, along with the elephant man's bones at some sideshow. As my Aunt Vera used to say freaks will find their way home."
    At the Rabbit in Red Lounge Big Lou is all excited, he's on TV. One man needs money, can't afford the tit. He rambles and says the green shirt fits you like money. Lou yells at him, "Will you take the trash out?" Enjoy the herpes old man. He goes out side mumbling to himself. He says the boss don't like bums going through the garbage. He tells Michael to take off. They fight and he dies. Young Michael and his mom stand there watching.
    Inside Lou says it's officially Halloween, want to bang Frankenstein? He puts his mask on to bang one of his half naked strippers. Michael comes in and scares him. He pulls out his gun and says to stare this down. Michael pounds away until he gets the guns and bullets. There is lots of blood and screaming.

October 31st

    The next day Laurie goes out into down and visits a petting zoo with some sheep. Loomis's book also comes out. The sheriff reads the book at work and is horrified. He calls home and Annie answers. He needs to talk to Laurie, but she isn't there, doesn't know where she went. He gives her a message to call him ASAP and then hangs up leaving her baffled. Meanwhile Laurie is wandering downtown. She passes by a bookstore which has a huge display of Loomis' book in the window and she goes in and gets one.
    Loomis has another book signing at the same time. He poses with a woman for a picture and asks, "Are you a real red head? Have a good one, this is going real well" She smiles. "Great, great, ah." The next guy is all nervous and he wants him to sign Chett Johns. Loomis says, "Chett, calm down." This inspires him. No wait, sign it Chett the bringer of death. That's Chett with two t's. Man that is so awesome. Michael is so much more deeper than all the others like Dahmer and Bundy, he gets down to their souls. Loomis wants to get rid of him so he shakes his hand saying you are the man. Chett says, no you are the man! and leaves all happy. Loomis says, "We always have one, don't we! (Laughs) Hi, how are you?" The next man comes up and there is a picture in the front of the book. Loomis asks what is this, you want me to sign this?" You don't recognize her? "Umm, why should I?" Take a good look a her. "She is beautiful."
    "She was. This is my daughter Linda, your monster killed her."
    "Woah Woah woah, no, you have my deepest sympathy, I'm truly sorry, no I didn't kill her." Look everyone it's alright, back up, Everyone calm down. Everything is under control." I'm gonna get you Loomis you son of a bitch and he pulls out a gun. There is a lot of panic. He is jumped from both sides and Loomis is OK.
    Later Loomis is in a limo with his assistant. She says the gun wasn't even loaded. "Oh I feel so much better, part of the job I suppose, spoon feeding drivel to the masses. Ah, Comes with it's only bloody price doesn't it."
    "If you say so."
    "Just what is that tone, Mrs. Maple, do you think I'm crossing the line or something? Do feel free to voice your opinion."
"Yes, I feel it's crossing a few lines. These are people's lives you are toying with, there are going to be serious repercussions."
    Laurie is in her car reading Loomis' book and learns that Michael is her brother and she flips out screaming. Cursing over and over. Meanwhile Michael is still walking She runs home in a haze of crying. She has to get out of here. Annie says my dad is trying to reach you. I'm sure you knew. Tell me you didn't know? Daddy's little princess knows all. She doesn't know what she's talking about. Tell your dad, Angel said to fuck you." Who is Angel? She runs out driving with Metallica, "Am I Evil" blasting. Annie calls her dad and relays the message. He says to Deputy Andy to go watch his house. She won't like it. He doesn't like it. Laurie goes to Mya's house. Harley is there, she wants to dress as a girl, dressing as a man dressing a girl. She's screaming, crying rambling and shows them the books. She is Angel Myers, Michaels sister. They are horrified. Maybe it's fake. It's insane
    Loomis goes on a late night talk show called The Newman Hour. Weird Al was the first guest. He is introduced, "Our next guest gained infamy as a psychologist for America's leading serial killer?"
    Weird Al, "I guess." (Laugh)
    "His new book The Devil Walks Among Us is available somewhere."
    He shakes his hand. "Hi, everyone, nice to see you all, Mr. Weird how are you? Ahhh."
    "You've been criticize and in some circles for profiteering..."
    Weird Al answers, "I always get permission in advance..."
    "I was talking to Dr. Loomis."
    Loomis get mad, "No, no no, go on, it was fascinating your answer. I take great issue with that statement. I've endured quite a lot in order to tell this story of misery of my own."
    Newman, "Yeah, everyone feels real bad for you."
    Then we see Loomis running out of the set in a rage. "I've never, ever been so humiliated in all my life!"
    Mrs. Maple, "You did fantastic, trust me!"
    They both pass the desk on the way and both wave and say thank you.
    Kids are out on the streets and one boy dressed as a clown asks Michael are you a giant, can we friends? His mom says Mark and takes him away.
    Laruie, Mya and Harley want to get drunk and party. Laurie doesn't care anymore. They go to the big Halloween party with live music and everyone in costume going wild. Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures are playing. Their first song is Transylvania Terror Train.
    Andy is blocking Annie from leaving. She wants him to move his cruiser and turn the lights out.
Back to Laurie, out back is a big party maze - hedge style. A guy takes Harley to the shagging wagon. She doesn't believe he has many girls there. He has to pee and tells her no to go anywhere. She wants a golden shower, he says it's disgusting and will be right back.
    Loomis is in his hotel room watching the replay of his on The Newman Hour with different footage than we saw earlier. He's getting drunk. Newman, "Please Welcome Dr. Samuel Loomis...Dr. Donald Faber noted abnormal psychologist. He says nothing more than a bloody horrorshow showcasing Dr. Loomis's own self inflated ego and never ending quest for fame and fortune. Damn, how do you follow that?"
    Weird Al, "Snap!"
    Newman, "You got snapped on by Weird Al."
    Loomis, "If I came in bitten by a shark you'd be gushing over gory detail, begging me to show you the teeth marks."
    Nelson, "Are you telling me there's no difference between Michael Myers and a shark?"
    Loomis, " Of course there is, god don't be ridiculous."
    Weird Al, "Are we talking the Austin Power's Michael Myers?"
    Loomis sits in the hotel, "It's over." He prays, puts his head down.
    At the party Laurie is in a dark wig and waitress outfit. She runs into Deborah and young Michael. What do you want from me? "It's almost time to go home."
    Annie answers the phone and outside Andy is dancing around and aiming his flashlight into the weeds when Michael comes along and talks him out with a knife to the neck.
    Mya takes Laurie home drunk and she yells I'm Michael Myers sister and they were screwed.
    Deborah tells young Michael it's time.
    Laruie works on Annie and Mya calls 911. She goes outside for the number and Michael is waiting for her.
    The Sheriff and his deputy are out taking a cigarette break. The dispatcher tells him about the last call and he says so what. She tells him it came from his home. He races home, but by the time he gets there the other officers found Annie is gone and try to hold him back, but he gets past them and finds her dead.
    Laurie runs for the road and is stopped by a car. A college age boy wants to get her to the hospital.
    Instead Deborah, Young Michael and Old Michael grab her.
    The talk show switches to live footage of the helicopter saying that it's incredible, once dead Michael Myers is holding a girl hostage. Loomis takes off.
    The sheriff arrives, but it's barricaded.
    Loomis arrives and the sheriff knocks him down and wants to kill him. Loomis says he won't listen to negotiators. I owe you this one. He runs in the house. He sees Debbie in white and Michael. Then he says nothing is holding you back. We see Laurie thrashing around and no one is holding her. She is flipping and flailing around on her own. Loomis tells her there is no Michael, it's all in her mind. Michael lifts up Loomis and the Sheriff sees through his sniper rifle Michael holding Loomis and fires on them. Michael goes to stab Laurie in the back. She sees this and grabs the knife and stabs him instead. Then she comes out, kneels in the helicopter light and takes of the mask Michael was wearing. She looks at it, then the screen pulls back and she's in a long white hospital room sitting on a bed. She looks up and Deborah is coming at her pulling a white horse.
    Over the credits are black and white crime scene photos.

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