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An Evening with Malcolm McDowell

Monday, October 15 6:45pm
AMC River East 21
322 E. Illinois St.

Join screen legend Malcolm McDowell for a screening and follow-up discussion of Never Apologize, the endlessly engaging film of his one man stage show. All programs subject to change


Malcolm on the red carpet

Press Release

    Right now, all red carpets lead to Chicago as we welcome the best in cinema from all across the globe. For 43 years, the Chicago International Film Festival has brought our city the most captivating feature films, documentaries, short subjects, and student works the world has to offer, but the Festival is much more than a celebration of cinema—it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow fans and the innovative artists who make the movies we love.
    Each film in the Festival is a premiere, so it’s opening night, every night! We’ve got the red carpet rolled out for our guests - Anthony Hopkins, Malcolm McDowell, Ben Affleck, Laura Linney, Jeffrey Wright, Tony Gilroy, Alison Eastwood, István Szabó, a host of stars from the international film community, and, of course, you! This year, we’re proud to dedicate the Festival to Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Roger Ebert, whom we will honor on Opening Night.
    Sit in the front row for world premieres. Talk with the directors. Shake hands with the stars. Discover the brightest new talent. The velvet rope is open. Come inside. Michael Kutza Founder and Artistic Director


Mr. McDowell presented his movie Never Apologize (which, by the way, was wonderful) and then was being interviewed afterwards by the Trib's Michael Wilmington. The two were chatting very agreeably, and Malcolm had just told some very juicy stories about working with Stanley Kubrick and Lindsay Anderson. And then, about 20 minutes in, practically midsentence, a CIFF spokeswoman interrupted the proceedings to tell us that we'd all have to leave, it was over; there was another movie that had to use the theater and she was sorry. That's all folks. Malcolm was pretty gracious under the circumstances, but all she gave him time to say was, "Well, thanks for having me anyway." What was really bad was that he was clearly ready (and expecting) to talk more, and Wilmington had barely asked more than 3 questions. Chigacoist 10/18/07

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